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About Hayden & Hayden Agency

We believe that there is much more to insurance than the policy itself. It is about you and your family.

Many agencies try to make your insurance needs fit within one insurance company, while here at Hayden & Hayden, we represent several insurance companies.

By completing a thorough insurance needs analysis, we can place your insurance with a company that best fits your insurance needs. We are devoted to providing you with professional service and peace of mind by making sure that you have all of the protection you need. We are here to represent you and earning your trust is our policy.

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Other Arizona Insurance Coverage Options

Do you know if you have enough insurance? Being well protected and insured means more than just having a policy to cover the family car and protect your house. There may be a need for life insurance or health insurance. Some of the other types of insurance that people living in the Tempe and Phoenix areas of Arizona may need to consider include insurance to cover a grown-up toy like an RV or a boat or an umbrella policy for an extra level of protection.

You may not be familiar with these types of policies and have no idea what they should cost. If you recently purchased or are considering the purchase of a boat or recreational vehicle you will also need to buy insurance. Get all of your questions answered by visiting an independent insurance agency like Hayden & Hayden. An Agent will be happy to sit down with you and all of the fine points of these specialized policies.

An RV policy is basically the same as any other motor vehicle policy. The State of Arizona requires mandatory minimum coverage of 15/30/10 for bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

Boats are a tricky category as risk is assessed differently for different-sized and different-purposed vehicles. Insurance for a $7,000 jet ski may be expensive because operators tend to have more accidents than a Captain of a Yacht. By the same token, Yachts are expensive to insure because they can cost millions of dollars. An ordinary 18 foot fishing boat with a small motor presents less risk for accidents or theft and does not cost a fortune to buy.

Finally, an umbrella policy works with your auto insurance and homeowners insurance to provide coverage above and beyond those policy limits. It is generally sold in million dollar increments and is best suited for individuals who have a large net worth.