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Specialty Business Insurance

  • Restaurant Insurance – cover your restaurant from financial disaster.

  • Liquor Liability Insurance – Serving alcohol carries a great amount of risk for your business.

  • Contractor Insurance – From electricians to landscapers, your business needs to thrive, you don’t have to worry about your insurance or your financial exposures with us on your side.

  • Home-Based Business Insurance – Let us assist you with creating a custom business insurance package for your budget and needs.

Restaurant Insurance

If you own a cafe, deli or even a food truck you should carry an insurance policy created just for your business. Restaurants large and small face innumerable and unique challenges and exposures in their industry. From protecting your business from loss of income, liability, employees and more, having a restaurant insurance policy from Hayden & Hayden Agency, Inc. can help cover your restaurant and business from financial disaster.

Restaurant Insurance can include, but is not limited to:

  • Commercial Property

  • General Liability

  • Liquor Liability

  • Worker’s Comp

  • BOP

  • Business Interruption

  • Commercial Auto

  • And more!

Liquor Liability Insurance

Owning a venue that serves liquor, beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages, carriers a tremendous risk and you must carry a liquor liability insurance policy. Serving alcohol carries a great amount of risk for your business not only for patrons while they are at your business, but also after they leave if it is determined you over-served them.

Liquor Liability Insurance available for all types of businesses.

  • Bars & Taverns

  • Restaurants

  • Nightclubs

  • Fast food (where alcohol is an option)

  • Weddings

  • Social Events

  • Workplace Events

Liquor Liability Insurance Explained:

Liquor Liability Insurance provides insurance to the facility who sold or served the alcohol from liability damages incurred because a customer caused property damage, personal injury or even a car accident. While the person who caused the property damage, fight or accident is liable, your bar or restaurant can be found partially at-fault for over-serving.

A liquor liability insurance policy goes above and beyond your general liability insurance policy. It is not typically included with your other insurance policy, so review your policy to clearly understand if this is included with another policy you have.

Contractor Insurance

Contractors large and small carry unique risks for their businesses. From electricians to landscapers, your business needs to thrive – you don’t have time to worry about your insurance or your financial exposures. Call Hayden & Hayden Agency, Inc. for your contractor insurance policy!

Contractor insurance can include the following types of coverage:

  • General Liability: Also known as commercial liability insurance and covers general liability of the business. It is a broad coverage. It is a smart move to have a general liability insurance policy in place.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Your commercial autos, like a pickup or box truck, should be protected. A commercial auto insurance policy can help protect your work vehicle will going to/from jobs and while being stored.

  • Business Owners Insurance: BOP coverage can provide additional coverage for your business such as property coverage, loss of income identity theft and more.

  • Workers Compensation: Workers' comp can help cover the medical costs as well as wage loss of an employee who is injured on the job.

  • And more!

Home Based Business Insurance

Certain industries lend themselves well to being home-based businesses. These businesses can include art or photography studios, salons and professional services like accounting to name a few. Having a home-based business can save money in terms of overhead like rent, expensive internet packages and potential city licensing fees.

Another perk of having a home-based business includes having some business equipment covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Equipment like computers, software, etc. may be covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy, but that is where the insurance coverage ends. A homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover situations like negligence, libel, injury or assist with legal defense costs for an incident relating to your business. Luckily, there are many insurance options for home-based businesses. Let the licensed insurance professionals at Hayden & Hayden Agency, Inc. assist you with creating a custom business insurance package for your budget and needs.

Coverages are available for:

  • Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

  • General Liability

  • Professional Liability

  • Workers’ compensation

  • Commercial Auto

  • And more!

To talk with one of our helpful team members about your specialty business insurance needs, contact us today.

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